Lease tracking

  1. CRM for managing the lead to contract workflow

  2. Tour Management For In Person And Virtual Tours

  3. Rentals / Daypass / Short term / Walkins


  1. Digitally Signed Agreements/Contracts

  2. Set The Authorized Tenant Who Will Be Making The Payments For The Space

  3. Set A Non-Member As The Authorized Paying Party

  4. Automated, Recurring Membership Fees

  5. Export Accounting To Xero

  6. Update My Own Payment Information

  7. See A Billing History Of All Related Expenses/Transactions

  8. Online Payments

  9. Property Accounting

  10. Fluctuating Agreements As Team Size Change

  11. Keep Track Of Financial, General Ledger, Banking, Bills, Reoccurring Transactions, Budgets, Chart Of Accounts, Company Financials, And 1099-MISC Tax Filings

  12. Rent Tracking

Maintenance Management

  1. Automated Welcome Packets/Emails

  2. Attach Private Notes And Information To A Members Profile

  3. Create Alerts/Reminders That Are Attached To A Member

  4. Member Profiles

  5. Update My Own Profile Information

  6. Pooled Company Credits

  7. Member Communication

  8. Keep Track Of Any Commissions/Referrals/Connections

  9. Keep Track Of Maintenance Requests, Repairs, Other Member Issues

  10. Tenant Screenings

  11. Alert Members Of Mail Deliveries

  12. Member Profiles

  13. Site Tour / Book a tour / Chatbot

  14. Communication between admins and tenants

  15. Task Logs

  16. Associations

Room/Resources/Facility Management

  1. Credit Allocation For Booking Rooms and Services

  2. Schedule/Book Provided Meeting Rooms In Secondary Locations

  3. Room Booking Reporting

  4. Invite Room Tablet Booking Service

  5. Community Printing Solutions

  6. Badge/Facility Access Management

  7. Member Tracking Who Is In/Out Of The Building

  8. Amenities Booking System

  9. Storage Mangement System

  10. Services Management System

  11. Community Side

  12. Marketplace Of Perks And Vendors

Events Management

  1. Create/Request And Share An Event

  2. Create/Request And Share An Event Being Hosting out of location

  3. Rent Facilities For Events

  4. Paid Events

  5. External Event Management

  6. Guest Check In/Management

  7. Guest Waivers

  8. Event Integrations (eventbrite, eventum, facebook etc)


  1. Mobile

  2. Web / Cloud Based


  1. Payments processors: Stripe, Square, Fidelity, Paypal,

  2. Multi-integration: Zapier

  3. Email: MailChimp

  4. Accounting software: QuickBooks

  5. Accounting software: Xero

  6. Door access - KISI, Salto

  7. CRM - HubSpot

  8. Calendar - Google calendar

  9. Wifi integration - Miraki

  10. API to our software

  11. Communication: Slack

  12. Printers: Ezeep Cloud Printing / Papercut

  13. Event management: EventBrite, MeetUp

  14. Calendar - Outlook

  15. Auto-Sign contract - Docusign / Esign

Marketplace/Affilaite Services

  1. Create And Share Offers

  2. Create internal shops and inventory

  3. Allow members to buy products from the shops

  4. Collect Funds From Guests Or Others Who Are purchasing

  5. Provide Access To Facilities To Approved Parties Who Will Be Using The Space For Events


  1. White Labeled Experience

  2. Multiple Location Support

  3. Analytics/Insights


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